The Looking Glass Management Consulting has as a mission to improve our clients supply chain performance, and thereby increasing profitability and customer satisfaction.

What we deliver

The Looking Glass assists organizations in developing and implementing future-oriented supply chain planning strategies.

We counsel decision makers in leading companies and provide practical, hands-on support throughout all steps of any project (initiation, planning, execution, control & closing) that focuses on improving supply chain performance.

We enable cross-functional collaboration between the teams responsible for sales, marketing, finance, operations, procurement and logistics to ensure an efficient and effective execution of supply chain activities thereby increasing the profit for the organization as well as the value for its customer base.

Supply chain strategy.

Our consultant will work with your organization in extracting the relevant points of your business strategy and translate them into a comprehensive and result-oriented supply chain strategy.

We develop an implementation plan and support you with the practical execution in the area of S&OP (sales and operations planning) and IBP (integrated business planning), advanced planning system configuration, process and structure optimization.

Integrated Business Planning and S&OP

We provide strategic analysis, planning and change management direction as well as practical support to ensure an effective end-to-end sales & operations planning and integrated business planning process is in place.

By taking a forward-looking approach and integrating relevant financial KPI (key performance indicators), the process focuses on the actions required to achieve the targets set forward in the business plan.

For every step in the process – such as demand planning, supply planning, integrated reconciliation, pre-S&OP, S&OP– the inputs, activities, outputs and KPI are clearly defined. Adequate roles & responsibilities, escalation processes, levels of authority are established to ensure that the overall process delivers more value than the effort required running it.

Operational Level

The Looking Glass provides practical and hands-on support on the operational level to assist your organization in completing their transformation projects.

This includes

  • Support during change projects (planning and decision support systems, structures, organization)
  • Demand, Supply & Inventory management
  • Service, Inventory & Cost optimization
  • Continuous improvement initiatives, including Lean & 6 Sigma projects

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Geert Schodts

Geert Schodts

Industrial engineer in chemistry by education, Geert has further developed into a certified supply chain professional. He has 10 years of experience in Global Demand, Supply & Inventory Management after 8 years of progressive accomplishments in the area of Key Account Management in the specialty chemicals industry.

Geert has become a champion in integrated S&OP process implementation. He is an analytical, creative and pragmatic process & structure optimizer, with outstanding leadership & teamwork capabilities having experience in multicultural & international environments.

Geert has excellent language skills (N/F/E/D) and general IT skills, including SAP/ERP and SAP/APO